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By Cash Michaels

            While conservative media like Fox News has been critical of the outcome, the African-American community is applauding the unity and decisiveness of black students this week at the University of Missouri whose powerful protests amid racial strife brought about the resignation of the university system president.
            On social media, like Facebook, people were equally as unified in their praise.
            “Good. Proud of them,” said an FB poster named “Pebbles” from Charlotte.
            “Justice prevailed,” wrote “Kim” from New Orleans, La. “Thank God for all who stood tall.”
            “Yes, there is power in unity pointed in the direction of the “pocket book”,” wrote another FB poster, “Al” from Raleigh. “Nothing gets results like hitting an institution in the “bottom line.” The sooner black people realize that, the better off they will be.”
            That last remark referred to how the University of Missouri football team vowed last Saturday night not to take the field in their next home game against Brigham Young University in Kansas City, unless UM System President Tim Wolfe resigned. The threat would have cost the school at least $1 million in fines from the NCAA, not to mention lost revenues.
Both the players and other black students accused Pres. Wolfe of virtually ignoring their pleas for action to stop the growing number of incidents of racist treatment at the hands of white students on campus, who seemed to operate with impunity.
“The athletes of color on the University of Missouri football team truly believe ‘Injustice Anywhere is a threat to Justice Everywhere,” the team tweeted last Saturday. “We will no longer participate in any football related activities until President Tim Wolfe resigns or is removed due to his negligence toward marginalized students’ experiences. WE ARE UNITED!!!!!”
Fifty-eight of the team’s 84 scholarship athletes are black, and yet all of them, including the white coach, joined in unity over the protest.
In addition, a graduate student named Jonathan Butler, a member of the Concerned Student 1950 movement, had already begun a hunger strike in protest five days earlier, adding more pressure on the administration.
            Wolfe announced his resignation two days later on Monday, saying in emotion-filled words that he was stepping down so that the healing could begin. Later that day, the chancellor at the Columbia campus also resigned, effective by the end of the year, indicating that he would return to the classroom instead.
            The racial incidents endured by the small black student population at the University of Missouri were many.
            According to the St. Louis American, an NNPA affiliated black newspaper, “…Missouri Students Association President Payton Head was called the n-word when walking near campus…members of Legion of Black Collegians were called the n-word while preparing for Homecoming…a MU student drew a swastika in the Gateway residential hall with their own feces…someone accessed the computer connected to a projector in the Busch Student Center at SLU and changed the text on the large screen to read, “Nazis rule f*** niggers and fags.” The week before, students discovered a swastika arranged out of tealight candles outside the Marguerite Hall dorm.”
            The Black Student Alliance says it was literally laughed at when it had taken its concerns to Pres. Wolfe.
            “Students of African descent at. …have been repeatedly subject to acts of racism, and in turn, receive idle resolutions, lack of transparency and stagnation from the administration.”
            Now that Wolfe is gone, the students say they will work for healing, and better recognition and respect on campuses in the MU system.


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By Cash Michaels

            YEAR OF THE MIRACLE – Last Friday, November 6th, I was humbled because exactly one year ago to the date is when I had a severe stroke which crippled my left leg, and impaired my left arm. I could not walk, and had a hard time moving my left arm with precision. I wouldn’t stop moving when I willed it to do so. And what may surprise many of you is that I literally waited to go to the hospital until the very next day because I really didn’t know what had happened. I thought my back had given out because of my excess weight, and despite the protestations of my wife, I resisted going to the emergency room until after I had had a good night’s rest.
            My risky “logic” (dumb luck actually) was that perhaps with a night’s rest, my back and leg would be good as new, but if not, I would certainly then carry myself to the doctor’s office fast.
            To hedge my risky (read that as dumb) bet, I emailed to physician friends of my and shared the symptoms with them to get their advice. But morning, both had emailed back telling me that it sounded serious, sounded like a neurological problem, and I better get myself to the emergency quickly.
            In a roundabout way, they were telling me I may have had a stroke, and the more time I left it untreated, the more serious damage it could do. I personally already knew that from when my mother suffered a debilitating stroke on Mother’s Day 1989. The only thing, besides GOD, that saved her life was my calling her from North Carolina early to wish her in Brooklyn, NY a Happy Mother’s Day.
            It is because I heard her shockingly slurred speech, and knew that my mother, even though she lived alone, did not drink, that something was wrong, and that something had to be a stroke. I remember seeing an episode of “A Man Called Hawk” where a woman collapsed at a dinner party, and while she laid on the ground, someone asked her to make a fist. When she couldn’t do it, they called the stroke in.
            I remember asking my mother to make a fist while I was on the phone with her, and when she told me she couldn’t do it I knew what she was dealing with. I called my relatives there in Brooklyn, had them rush right over, and they got her to the hospital.
            So I had some history with stroke, but never personally that I knew of. I say that because after I called 911 (I had sent my wife off to work and youngest daughter off to school, convincing them that if my “back problem” didn’t get better, I’d get myself to the hospital), and the first responders and then the ambulance came to get me, it was later determined at the hospital that I had actually has a series of smaller strokes over time leading up to that fateful day, but just didn‘t know it.
            Essentially, the right side of your brain controls your left side, and vice versa. But when that connection dies, which is what happened to me, then the brain can’t send appropriate signals to the corresponding limb for movement or reaction.
            For the next week, I stayed in the hospital. While there it was decided that it was best to schedule an invasive heart procedure to determine if I had any blockages in the valves to my heart, which could cause even more serious strokes, if not a heart attack.
So literally a month later, I had heart surgery to remove two blockages in my valves and have stents implanted. Medically, I had congestive heart failure, and I spent another week in the hospital recovering from that. Needless to say, last holiday season was not too festive for yours truly.
I couldn’t work (neither of my bosses would allow me to write a thing, even though my brain and cognitive skills were as sharp as ever), so staying home, walking with a cane and a walker, and depending on others to accomplish what normally would be simple things, was torture. Most of my time, when not at the doctor’s office, was spent in bed.
And yet, through the blessings of GOD, and the love and devotion of family, friends, my bosses and the prayers and support of good people like you, my readers, when folks see me now, a year later, they literally ask, "What stroke? I don't see it." My arm completely healed months ago. My left leg is as strong as ever, and I have at least 98 percent control of it now. I have changed my diet because of diabetes, I have been working out because I was (and still am) over weight), and I have been getting my rest and taking my meds, all the while still working hard at the things I love to do best.
So this time of year is a solemn time for me to briefly look back, but to certainly look forward. Again, I thank everyone,  for your love and support. It truly made a difference this past year, and I'm VERY proud of all of the projects that I was able to complete, all of the places I traveled to under my own power, and all of the challenges I was able to overcome. To GOD be the glory!
SPECTRE – Went to see “SPECTRE”, the latest James Bond 007 adventure over the weekend starring Daniel Craig as the super spy we’ve all known and loved for over half a century now. As always, the action was spectacular and Craig, in his fourth and possibly last go-round, was brutally cool as always.
However, the plot was somewhat weak, and the ending was shockingly underwhelming. In fact, at the end of the story, I felt cheated (I won’t tell you what happened, but trust me, there were no cheers at the end.
So on the scale of ten Cash Apples, I give “SPECTRE” at 7.5…with a worm for a bum ending.
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          Until next week, keep a smile on your face, GOD in your heart, and The Carolinian in your life. Bye, bye.

By Cash Michaels

            Elderly or disabled residents of North Carolina concerned about paying their property taxes can get some relief from a little known state program that can save them money.
            According top NC General Statute 105-277.1, if you are 65 or older, or totally or permanently disabled, and have a total household income not exceeding $29,000 annually, and own property which is your primary permanent residence that does not exceed one acre, you could have the first $25,000 or 50 percent (whichever is greater) of your assessed property tax value excluded from your tax bill. But you must submit an application to qualify before Dec. 31st, 2015.
            The Elderly or Disabled Exclusion program exists in all one hundred counties. For an application in Wake County call 919-856-5400. Go to for more information.


Coats Cause We Care” is a community service event where individuals, churches, civic groups, private and public sector organizations that care about their community provide new or gently used/clean coats for children in the Raleigh area this Saturday, Nov. 14 at 12 noon at eight area centers in and around Raleigh:

Anne Gordon Center for Active Adults
1901 Spring Forest Road

Barwell Road Community Center
3935 Barwell Road

Courtney T. Johnson Center
1801 Proctor Road

Brier Creek Community Center
10810 Globe Road

Greystone Recreation Center
7713-55 Leadmine Road

Lake Lynn Community Center
7921 Ray Road

Laurel Hills Community Center
3808 Edwards Mill Road

Marsh Creek Community Center
3050 New Hope Road



            [KANSAS CITY, MO.] North Carolina white supremacist F. Glenn Miller has been sentenced to death for the murder of three people at Kansas City Jewish sites in April 2014. Miller was convicted in August. Ironically, even though Miller set ot to kill Jews, all three of his victims were Christians. Before leaving North Carolina several years ago, Miller founded the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in his native Johnston County, and also headed up the White Patriots Party in the late 1980s.

            [RICHMOND, VA] The FBI has charged three self-identified white supremacists with allegedly plotting to attack black churches and Jewish synagogues in this region in order to start a race war, authorities say, using bombs and firearms. Court documents say the trio were even planning to kill a gun store owner in Oklahoma. Two of the suspects began meeting with undercover FBI agents last October to purchase the weapons to begin stockpiling for the planned racial conflict.

            [DURHAM] Over a hundred workers from various industries, including fast food,  marched to City Hall Tuesday to join a nationwide movement to “Fight for $15” an-hour minimum wage. The demonstrators say it is tough to feed their families with the low wages they earn now, and want to see the minimum wage raised. NCNAACP Pres. Rev. William Barber spoke to the marchers, backing their calls to also unionize in North Carolina, where collective bargaining is outlawed. The demonstrators say raising their wages should be an issue in the 2016 presidential elections.



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