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By Cash Michaels

           CONGRATULATIONS, BEN - It is indeed an honor to congratulate our great brother, the Rev. Dr. Benjamin Franklin Chavis, Jr., for being appointed interim President and CEO of the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA). The NNPA Board confirmed the appointment Wednesday during its annual conference in Portland, Oregon.
            As you'll recall, it was the NNPA who, in association with CashWorks HD Productions, sponsored the documentary, "Pardons of Innocence: The Wilmington Ten," the story about the false prosecution of Rev. Chavis and nine other young civil rights activists in Wilmington, NC in 1972.
            Those of us who know Ben in the Black Press have known this was coming for some time, and he and I have spoken at length about his leading the association that represents over 200 black newspapers nationwide.
            I have personally pledged to the Ben that whatever I can do to help him be the best NNPA president/CEO ever, then consider it done.
            Congratulations, Ben. You are certainly a worthy leader.
           FORGOT AGAIN – Father’s Day this year was on June 15th, and yet I forgot to wish all of my readers a Happy Father’s Day prior to the date. Why? Well technically, I’m supposed to not only look behind at the week that was to gain material for writing this column, but I’m also supposed to look ahead for any important events on the horizon.
            Most times, I do a good job of that. But once in a while, evidence of my losing some of my faculties creeps in, and I just forget. So please accept my humble apologies for forgetting to acknowledge Father’s Day two weeks ago. As a proud father of two extraordinarily gifted and talented young ladies, I should know better. I’m extremely proud of both of my girls – Tiffany, 31 and KaLa, 11 – and see loving them and caring about them as my number one job in life.
            KaLa, in fact, is graduating from elementary school this Friday, and after a week of summer camp, will be attending one of the best middle schools in the state, in my opinion. So these days, in particular, are very precious to me because GOD has granted me permission to see the first of four important stages she must walk across in life to attain her formal education.
            It seems like just yesterday when I drove “little” KaLa to her school to start kindergarten, not knowing what the future held, but hoping and praying for the best. And now, six delightful years later, I’m the father of a beautiful, accomplished and well-rounded young lady who is tops in her class academically, and displays talents in art, writing, music and song composition, in addition to singing and dancing.
            So I am extremely proud of this young lady, proud that she is my daughter, and that great challenges await her that I know she has the skills, character and intelligence to overcome.
            And my eldest daughter, Tiffany, has moved to my birthplace, New York City, to head up a new franchise, and I’m so proud that she has put in the work to earn the faith and trust that her company has placed in her to do so. Tiff is truly in the big leagues now, and she’ll be meeting and working with some very important people. I can only encourage her, and pray that GOD will be with her as she starts this new venture in life.
            So as a father, I’m darned blessed to have two of the best daughters GOD could ever grant a parent. No, they aren’t perfect, they’re human, but in both of my girls is the will to learn and succeed.
            For me, every day is Father’s Day. Maybe that’s the real reason why I forgot the one on the calendar. Oh well, I hope all of you had a blessed with your families two weeks ago.
            And I thank my family for allowing me to feel loved and cherished on Father’s Day. All I want is for both my girls to use the talents that GOD gave them to do their best in life, and make valuable contributions to the world as Almighty GOD would have them.
LEBRON – This week Miami Heat star LeBron James opted out of his contract to entertain other offers for his services. LeBron’s beef? That the Miami Heat has the money to go after better supporting players for the team, but doesn’t want to spend it. He doesn’t want to go through again what he suffered last season, namely being the only one to consistently score and keep the team alive during tight games. The 4-1 trouncing at the hands of archrival San Antonio Spurs has left a very bitter taste in LeBron’s mouth, and he now wants to force the issue of playing on the best team possible by making himself available for offers as of July 1st.
Let’s see where this goes. Even money says LeBron stays in Miami, and that General Manager Pat Riley bends to his wishes to recruit better players to the squad. That means, in my mind at least, dumping margarine heart Chris Bosh, old-as-nails Ray Allen, weak-as-water Mario Chalmers, and benching my main man, Dwyane Wade, who knees have maybe 2-3 good years left in them.
The team that proves it desperately wants LeBron James GETS LeBron James.
Let’s see if Miami is still on that list.
“24” – There are a few TV shows that I consider appointment television – Sleepy Hollow on Fox; Suits on the USA Network; and 24: Live Another Day, also on Fox.
“24” is the limited edition extension of the popular television series which ran for eight seasons on Fox, ending four years ago. It stars actor Kiefer Sutherland as a lone wolf anti-terrorist agent named Jack Bauer who has a knack for stopping eminent danger at the last possible second, but at extreme personal cost to himself at times.
After the eight season ended in 2010, the fanbase expected a “24’ film, and indeed one was planned and written. But at the last minute, 20th Century Fox pulled the plug on it, reasons not clear. But last year, word came that a 12-episode mini-series would be produced, and series star Sutherland would come back.
Well “come back” he has, and ever since “24: Live Another Day” premiered last May, the action and intrigue has been nonstop, as Jack Bauer tried to stop a terrorist plot to destroy London, England using armed American drones.
Last Monday evening, perhaps the best episode thus far this season aired with Jack thwarting the terrorist threat, but a new one brewing before Jack could even take a breath. “24” has three more episodes left, ending July 14th.  The ratings, thus far, have averaged just over 6 million viewers, which isn’t gangbusters, but it isn’t bad either. Fans are hoping that the series ends with bang so much so that Fox will greenlight another 12-episode limited series for 2015 or 2016.
I hope that happens, because at its best, “24” with Kiefer Sutherland, is exciting television.
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Cash in the Apple - honored as the Best Column Writing of 2006 by the National Newspaper Publishers Association. Columnist Cash Michaels was also honored by the NNPA for Best Feature Story Journalist of 2009, and was the recipient of the Raleigh-Apex NAACP’s President’s Award for Media Excellence in Sept. 2011.
Until next week, keep a smile on your face, GOD in your heart, and The Carolinian in your life. Bye, bye.

MORAL MONDAY MOVEMENT SHIFTS TO THE POLLS - Fifteen people were arrested during this week's Moral Monday demonstration against the Republican-led NC General Assembly, which drew an estimated 3500 people to the state Legislative Building. NC NAACP President Rev. Dr. William Barber announced that the movement now shifts to the "Moral March to the Polls," with demonstrators spreading out across the state to register and mobilize thousands of voters to the polls in November. "We are transitioning into a new Moral March to the Polls this summer as we do all we can to make sure that North Carolinians can and do raise their voices at the ballot box," said Rev. Barber. [Photo courtesy of George Fisher]

by Cash Michaels

            To the Republican National Committee and the NC Republican Party, the job of the newly created RNC NC Black Advisory Board is “…to strengthen the party’s ties with diverse communities and expand engagement efforts across the state,” says a June 19th RNC press release.
            “We are fortunate to have this accomplished group of leaders to help guide our engagement efforts in North Carolina,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus in the statement. “Their knowledge and roots in black communities across the state will be invaluable as we share our message of empowerment and expanding access to the American Dream.”
 “Our engagement staff and advisory board add immense value to the work the Republican Party hopes to accomplish.”
That announcement may have been impressive to the GOP rank-and-file across North Carolina, but not to Raleigh-Wake Citizens Association President Rev. Earl C. Johnson.
“I don’t think they’ll accomplish a lot, to be honest with you, until [NC House Speaker Thom Tillis] repeals the bills that he pushed through two years ago – the voter suppression ID laws, cutting unemployment insurance for 170,000 people, repealing the Racial Justice Act. I don’t think the [Black Advisory Board] is going to do much good until he can show African-Americans, Latinos, poor people, hurting people, jobless people that he is concerned,” Rev. Johnson said during a press conference at Martin Street Baptist Church. “It’s not going to make much difference.”
Rev. Johnson had called the June 20th press conference, which featured members of the RWCA and the Raleigh Interdominational Ministerial Alliance, to blast Speaker Tillis for his 2012 “traditional population” remarks that seemed targeted to angry white voters, and excluded blacks and Latinos. Tillis, who was also caught in 2011 urging GOP voters to “divide and conquer” the poor and needy, has denied that his “traditional population” mantra was not meant to be divisive.
However, the revelation touched off a firestorm of national and state controversy. Even NC NAACP President Rev. William Barber weighed in.
“Is this some kind of political code wording or a deep ignorance… of the contribution of all Americans and North Carolinians,” Rev. Barber said. “Whatever the case. It is troubling, especially for someone running to represent all people. If you don't view some people as part of traditional America, then one could very well marginalize certain people (i.e. African Americans, Latinos etc.) and have a disdain for policies important to their communities because they are not seen as "traditional," or in other words "important".
Others with Rev. Johnson at the June 20th press conference stated that they had no faith in the RNC NC Black Advisory Board because it was clear that it was not composed of people who shared the same their same concerns about fair opportunity and social equity.
Indeed, in the official announcement from RNC last week, which displayed several quotes from not only Chairman Priebus, but a few prominent black Republicans from across the state, not one issue was addressed.
Only the need to better promote the Republican Party to African-Americans in North Carolina, apparently as a way to somehow blunt the effect of overwhelming black Democratic voting.
“I look forward to the advice and counsel our advisory board members will provide as we continue our unprecedented engagement effort with black voters across North Carolina,” said Earl Phillip, North Carolina State Director for Minority Engagement, in the RNC statement.
“An engagement strategy which is inclusive of age, gender, occupational considerations, regional diversity and county needs will help the RNC, the state party and other communities throughout the state significantly grow the party, win the future and better lead this state and nation,” said Dr. Ada M. Fisher, North Carolina Republican National Committeewoman and member of the North Carolina Black Advisory Board.   
Past President of Wake County Republican Women’s Club, nurse anesthetist and advisory board member Felice Pete said in the RNC statement, “The advisory board is a great opportunity for the GOP to add credibility, depth, and experience to its effort to expand the party by engaging black voters.”
The board lists ten other members besides Pete, presumably all black Republicans, including former US senatorial candidate Ada Fisher of Salisbury, and Robert Tony McGhee of Wilmington.
Again, said Rev. Gerald Sylver, chairman of the Raleigh Interdominational Ministerial Alliance, nothing about how this board would help the Republican Party address the issues most critical to the black community, the poor and the jobless.
“I don’t know who is on this advisory board, but if it’s not people who have been directly affected by the [bad] policies that have been made," Rev. Sylver continued, "then they cannot make intelligent decisions [and] they can’t speak for all of us.”


            He has trained and inspired generations of student athletes to be their very best in sports, and in life. Former St. Augustine’s University Coach Harvey Heartley is a remembered as an energetic leader who insisted on excellence from every student who came through his basketball program, died June 23rd at the age of 79.
Coach Heartley, who was inducted into the CIAA John B. McLendon Jr. Hall of Fame in 2010, was the winningest coach in St. Aug’s history, with a record of 371 wins over 23 years. He joined the historically black school in 1971 as an athletics administrator, expanding the department from three to 13 sports. He served as athletics director as well, and as coach, he took the Falcons to a second-place standing in the 1984 NCAA Division II Tournament. He also taught classes at St. Aug.
            Known as a tremendous shooter, the 6-foot-4 Clayton, NC native played basketball for his alma mater, North Carolina College (now NC Central University in Durham) from 1951-55, where “Bones,” as Heartley was called, stood out with All-CIAA and All-American honors. He was drafted to play for the Minneapolis Lakers in 1955. Coach Heartley is also honored in both the St. Aug and NCCU halls of fame.

            State authorities have confirmed Durham County’s first case of rabies for 2014. A bat found in a Durham County home tested positive for the disease, authorities say. None of the people or pets living at the residence were infected, however. There were 12 cases confirmed in Durham County in 2013, but known the previous year. Authorities urge pet owners to get their animals vaccinated against rabies. For more information call 919-560-0630.


            [RALEIGH] The deadline for victims of North Carolina’s infamous forced sterilization program is this Monday, June 30th. The Office for Justice of Sterilization Victims will pay eugenics victims from a $10 million fund setup by the NC General Assembly last year. To date, only 520 people out of an estimated 1800 victims have come forward to file application. The state’s eugenics program lasted from 1929 to 1974, targeting poor black and white women designated as mentally unstable by the state.

            [RALEIGH] Wake Rep. Paul Stam provoked a firestorm of criticism this week when he publicly defined “sexual orientation” as pedophilia, bestiality and necrophila in state House floor debate concerning not allowing discrimination in charter school hirings. Several Democratic House members criticized Stam for both his remarks, and passing out an outdated circular with those definitions. Equality NC called Stam’s remarks “ a cheap political stunt.” The anti-discrimination measure went down to defeat.

            [RALEIGH]  Little to no compromise in sight as conferees for both the state House and Senate go down to the wire to trying to hash out differences in spending on teacher pay, Medicaid and other items to amend the two-year $21 billion state budget. Members of the NC General Assembly had planned to have been finished by June 30th with the budget ratified to go into affect July 1, but at press time Wednesday that seems unlikely. Gov. McCrory says if no agreement is reached, no pay raises will be given to teachers. But teacher assistants, many of whom are scheduled to be cut in the Senate budget proposal, will stay on the job.


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