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                                                W-ed THANK YOU, COMMUNITY

            If there are two things that we absolutely believe in here at the Wilmington Journal, it’s serving our community to the up most best of our ability, and thank those who help this African-American newspaper do exactly that.
            Thus, a word of thanks to all of our sponsors, supporters and staff of the Fourth Annual Wilmington Journal Southeastern North Carolina African-American Heritage Festival, once again held last weekend in Robert Strange Park.
            Started in 2003, the festival is a two-day community festival of music, poetry and crafts that celebrates the best of Wilmington.
            It is also when we come together, not only to celebrate who we are as a proud people and community, but also take time to remember those of us who have made a difference  for all of us, who have passed on.
            This year, the opening day of the festival was dedicated to Wilmington Ten member Connie Tindall, and the second day dedicated to community activist Anthony Jinwright.
            The entire heritage festival was dedicated to the memory of our beloved Mrs. Willie E. Jervay, publisher emeritus of the Wilmington Journal, who passed earlier this year after many, many years of valiant service to our city, state and nation.
            All of at the Wilmington Journal still feel her loss, and we will always miss her, and her devoted husband, our founder, publisher Thomas C. Jervay, Sr.
            Of course, you can’t have a successful African-American Heritage Festival without sponsors, and, as always, we are so grateful for all of ours.
            Special thanks to the City of Wilmington (and Mayor Bill Saffo for coming out), Coast 97,3 Radio, WECT TV, Upperman African American Cultural Center at UNCW, New Beginning Christian Church, Progress Energy, Time Warner Cable, The Home Depot, R. A. Jeffreys, Krispy Kreme Donuts, The Wilmington Sportsmen's Club, Country Inns and Suites, and McDonalds.
            The community so appreciates the continued support of all of our sponsors for the festival and this newspaper, and look forward to them coming back again next years.
            To our many, many supporters, like Pastor Mary Nixon of Speakes A.M.E. Zion Church, and to our fantastic vendors, thank you for being there. The spirit of service was something that was shared throughout.
            To our valiant staff at the Wilmington Journal, who more than enough to do each and every week to make sure that a new edition hits the streets, chock full of the news and information our community desperately needs, thank you. To add managing the festival to those duties and responsibilities reflects your individual devotion to the community.
            And finally, to our community.
            All of us have a shared history of struggle. We have stood side-by-side to fight for equal rights, and speak out against injustice. More than most, our community has paid an awesome price throughout history for what we believe in, and we continue to do so.
            But through it all, we take comfort in knowing that GOD has been, and continues to be on our side.
            That’s what makes Wilmington special. That’s why we work so hard to ensure that this community can be one that we’re all proud of.
            And that’s why we at the Journal are so eternally proud of our community, and our readers, and thank each and every one of you for your loving, and continued support.
            Until next year.


By Cash Michaels
An analysis

            In the Republican Party’s America, the rich pay less while the poor pay more; blacks are more likely to vote repeatedly on Election Day; and unless a rape is deemed “legitimate” by some unknown governmental entity, a women must carry the offspring of her rapist to term because everyone knows if she was really raped, her body would have secreted a spermicide to prevent the pregnancy in the first place.
            Add the rants and musings of conservative entertainers like country singer Hank Williams, Jr., - who believes that President Obama is a “Muslim who hates farmers, the military” and America - rich industrialists like Donald Trump who still doesn’t believe that Barack Obama was born in this country, or former Fox News pundit Glenn Beck who went on national television and called America’s first African-American president “ a racist” who “hates white people,” and you have a conservative movement and Grand Old Party that seems not to be able to control its true feelings about why some of its most vocal minions want to “take the country back.”
            For anyone thinking that conservative Republicans here in North Carolina have been immune to some of the questionable pronouncements and behaviors of their national brethen, only have to look as far as the recently ended legislative session. Comedy Central satirist Stephen Colbert had a field day after the Republican-led NC General Assembly considered a measure, “that would prevent scientists from using modern, scientific models to accurately predict what might happen to sea levels if climate change continues unabated,” wrote Care2 online last June.
            Scientists say the sea level rise at the NC coast will be five feet.
            State lawmakers say the official estimate is more like eight inches, and passed a law prohibiting any projections that differ until 2016.
            The Winston-Salem Journal put it this way:
            Tea-party Republicans put the environmental movement and climate science on the wrong side of the culture war that is gripping the United States. Therefore, they refuse to recognize that the planet is getting warmer, seas are rising accordingly, and man is playing a part in both. It matters not that the vast majority of real scientists provide hard data to support their projections. To the tea drinkers, facts and science don't count, only anger at the left does.
            And yet, thanks to Missouri Republican Congressman Todd Akin, the nation got a further gander at that “anger at the left” this week when the arch-conservative went on local television, talking about possibly repealing the 1965 Voting Rights Act that secures the voting rights of African-Americans; ending funding for student loans and school lunches for poor children, and then the big comment about victims of legitimate rape not getting pregnant because their bodies won’t let it happen - a scientifically asinine and factually baseless remark that has had everyone from the chairman of the Republican Party to conservative cheerleader Sean Hannity, to even Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to demand that Akin, who is in a tight race with Democratic US Senatorial incumbent Claire McCaskill, abort his candidacy.
            Akin, who is known for his strong religious views, has refused, saying he’s putting “principle over politics.”
            The Missouri congressman embarrassed the Republican Party this week with his ignorance, until it was determined that he wasn’t the only Republican to share such beliefs.
            If the party standardbearers, and many of the GOP rank-and-file believe likewise, not only about women and rape, then what do they really think of African-Americans, Latinos, and others?
            The plethora of voter ID laws in at least 34 states where Republicans rule either the state legislature or the governor’s mansion, is clear indication that despite all evidence to the contrary, the GOP holds firm that there is “rampant” voter fraud among black voters, thus their justification to cut early voting, demand birth certificates, and curtail voter registration drives.
            The question is how will the black community respond to the GOP culture war come the November elections? It did not respond well at all during the November 2010 midterm elections, that saw the virtual takeover by the conservative Tea Party, which almost brought the government down during the debt ceiling debacle last summer.
            The answer is far from clear.

WakeUP Wake County, League of Women Voters of Wake County Set Dates for Candidate Forums
Special to The Carolinian

            Growth planning, public schools, transportation, water supply, and budget priorities are among the topics for questions and debate at five candidate forums to be held this September and October around Wake County.  Co-hosted by WakeUP Wake County and the League of Women Voters of Wake County, four of the forums will feature candidates running for three Wake County Board of Commissioners seats on the November ballot.  A fifth forum will feature candidates running for NC Superintendent for Public Instruction, a state-wide race.
All forums will start at 7:00pm.  Voter registration will be available beginning at 6:00pm at the Board of Commissioners forums.
Candidates will be asked questions by the organizations as well as the audience and will be allowed to make opening and closing statements.  Voter education is an important objective of both the League of Women Voters and WakeUP Wake County.  Both organizations are non-partisan, and all candidates have confirmed participation in the forums.  The public is encouraged to attend these free public forums.  Registration is not required but encouraged.  To register and for more information, visit: www.wakeupwakecounty.org.  Elections are Tuesday, November 6th. 

 Garner - Sept. 20, 2012
Garner Performing Arts Center
742 W Garner Rd, Garner

SE Raleigh - Sept. 27, 2012
Martin St. Baptist Church
1001 East Martin Street, Raleigh

Cary - Oct. 4, 2012
 Kirk of Kildaire Church
200 High Meadow Drive, Cary

N. Raleigh - Oct. 11, 2012
Temple Beth Or
5315 Creedmoor Road, Raleigh

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh
3313 Wade Ave, Raleigh 27607

Cutline  - HUBERT POOLE HONORED - The US Marine Corp honored the late Hubert Poole this week. Read more in Triangle New Briefs. [Photo courtesy of Poole family]


            Mary Poole, the widow of long time Southeast Raleigh community leader Hubert Poole, proudly received a bronze replica of the Congressional Gold Medal August 19 from representatives of the US Marine Corps in honor of her late husband. Mr. Poole, who died six months ago, was one of the first black Marines to train at the segregated Montford Point near Camp Lejeune during the 1940s. Poole said though he had to suffer racism there, the experience made him a better man.

           According to Money Magazine, Chapel Hill is number 10 on the “Best Places to Live in America” list. The magazine wrote, "Locals aren't exaggerating when they refer to Chapel Hill as a "town within a park." The roads wind through tunnels of arching trees, and the area has a rain forest-like charm. 

But Chapel Hill isn't just a pretty face. It's part of the state's Research Triangle, which boasts one of the highest numbers of Ph.D.s per capita in the U.S. The town also houses the nation's oldest public university, and interesting educational opportunities abound."

            Remember that NC Dept. of Transportation contest where you got to come up with a name for an 11-mile I-440/I-40 Beltline rebuilding project that will take 3-years to complete?  Well the results are in, and the NCDOT folks have chosen “Crawleigh” for the moniker. That may be because the project is expected to take three years to complete. It starts next summer and won’t be completed until 2016.


            [GREENSBORO] More good news for North Carolina when it comes to academics. High school students here taking the ACT college entrance exams last spring scored better than the national average, state officials say. The average NC senior composite score for math, reading, science and English was 22 on a scale from 1 to 36. That was about the same as the NC score in 2011 for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). Only one in five high school seniors choose to take the ACT. Approximately 100,000 NC students took it last spring.

            [WINSTON-SALEM] At-risk children must be allowed to attend pre-kindergarten programs and the state can’t stop them, ruled the NC Court of Appeals this week. The decision flies in the face of the Republican-led North Carolina General Assembly, which changed requirements to early childhood education that forced parents to pay part of the cost, and limited the number of at-risk children enrolled. Republican lawmakers say they will appeal the decision to the state Supreme Court.

            [WILMINGTON] A former Hoggard High School assistant football coach has pleaded guilty assaulting six students. Coach Joseph Brown Jr. admitted to beating one students, punching three others, grabbing another by the throat, and threatening the last with a stick. He was ordered to attend anger management classes, and do 36 hours of community service.

By Cash Michaels

            GETTIN’ READY - The Democratic National Convention is just two weeks away in Charlotte, and everybody in the news business is getting ready for special coverage, including yours truly.
            This is history, after all. It’s the first time that North Carolina will be hosting a convention of a major political party, and it is certainly the first…and perhaps the last time, that a major political party will re-nominate an African-American to be president of the United States.
            Ok, I’ll add “…in our lifetimes.”
            Feel better?
            I will be reporting for The Carolinian and Wilmington Journal on the newspaper side, and on the radio on Power 750 WAUG/www.myWAUG.com, filing hourly special “Make It Happen” reports daily from Charlotte, plus a special edition of “Make It Happen” Thursday, February 6th, the evening that President Barack Obama accepts the Democratic nomination to once again run for the nation’s top office in November against Republican Mitt Romney.
            So summer is just about over. After Labor Day Sept. 3rd, the serious business about who lead our nation really begins (no offense to the Republicans, but they have their political convention in Tampa, Florida during the last week in August, when people really don’t pay attention).
            So don’t worry. The Black Press is on the job.
            WILMINGTON - Many thanks to everyone who came out to the Wilmington Journal African-American Heritage Festival. Even though Sunday was rained out, Saturday at the Robert Strange Park was great with fantastic poetry, rap and music. We all look forward to next year’s.
            REPUBLICAN TROUBLE - For the past week, we’ve been hearing about nothing but Republican bad behavior. If it isn’t a GOP congressman in Missouri trying to qualify which rapes are “legitimate” or not, we then hear of a group of freshmen Republican congressman who reportedly got drunk, disrobed (one completely), and jumped into the Sea of Galilee in Israel last year.
            When Politico.com released the story earlier this week, they reported that some of the GOP congressmen said they jumped into the sea because they believed in its biblical healing powers.
            Yeah, if I had a bottle or two, I might try that excuse too.
            Then there’s Mitt Romney’s new Vice presidential dance partner, Rep. Paul Ryan, who now has to admit to seeking millions from President Obama’s stimulus program, after blasting the program.
            How nice!
            And to top it all off, there’s a tropical storm headed towards the US that could turn into a category one hurricane, and target the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla. next week.
            So with all of this happening to the GOP while they’re moving heaven and earth to get rid of President Barack Obama, I just have one question?
            Do you think GOD is trying to tell the Republicans something?
            REAL REPUBLICAN TROUBLE - Getting back to the extraordinary situation the GOP finds itself in in the aftermath of Congressman Todd Akin’s beyond stupid, beyond ignorant remarks about “legitimate rape” on a local Missouri TV show. Have you ever had a crazy uncle or aunt you wanted so badly to hide from the neighbors or visitors, but no matter how hard you try, they always end up showing their face when you least need to see them?
            I’m not talking about Rep. Akin, who run for the US Senate was the GOP’s best opportunity to take the Senate majority this November.
            I’m talking about the GOP’s neanderthal way of thinking about women, blacks, Latinos, gays, the poor…you name it. They try to hide some of that stuff from the public so that we won’t discover how truly racist and sexist and just plain IGNORANT most of them really are. They try to hide that stuff behind “God and country,” but every now and then, you get somebody like country singer Hank Williams Jr. (formerly of “Monday Night Football”) who will get up on a stage at some concert full of yahoos, and tell folks President Obama “is a Muslim” who hates farmers, the military, and America.
            Now when you hear racist bull like that, combined with Rush Limbaugh’s attack on women; rocker Ted Nugent warning that he wants to kill the president, and now a sitting US congressman saying there is “legitimate” and apparently “illegitimate” rape out there, that should be more than enough for folks to understand that the Republican Party wants to take us all back to 1950’s, before a civil rights movement, before a women’s movement, before America stood up and decided it would be a nation of the future.
            That’s why this election, more than 2008, is perhaps the most important in our lifetime, and the lifetimes of our children.
Don’t mess around and not participate. When you see and hear this level of stupidity running for office in the country, you need to make sure you have your say.
            There are no excuses for not voting this year.
            PARDON THE WILMINGTON TEN - Since the death of Wilmington Ten member Connie Tindall two weeks ago, more and more people around the country are discovering the cause of the ten civil rights activists who were unjustly convicted of crimes they did not commit 40 years ago. Approximately 540 people have signed the Change.Org online petition. Have you? Sign our Change.Org petition by going to our Wilmington Ten Pardons of Innocence page on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/TheWilmingtonTenPardonOfInnocenceProject), and clicking the petition link. But don’t stop there. Get your family and friends to do it too.
            This is about justice during an historic year, and you can be part of it.
            Please join us. Thanks. 
            Also, Connie Tindall was buried last week. He had no life insurance. Because he was falsely convicted of a felony 40 years ago, getting insurance would be prohibitive at best, and more expensive than standard rates.
The Wilmington community, led by Mary Alice Thatch, publisher of The Wilmington Journal, is doing what it can to help. A contribution fund has been setup to help with the costs of the service and burial.
The Tindall family asks that checks be made out to THE CONNIE TINDALL FUND, c/o FIRST CITIZENS BANK, P.O. BOX 1619 WILMINGTON, NC, 28402. Contributions to the fund can be dropped off at any First Citizens Bank branch.
Thanks again.
Make sure you tune in every Thursday afternoon at 4 p.m. for my talk radio show, ''Make It Happen'' on Power 750 WAUG-AM, or online at www.myWAUG.com. And read more about my thoughts and opinions exclusively at my new blog, ‘The Cash Roc” (http://thecashroc.blogspot.com/2011/01/cash-roc-begins.html). I promise it will be interesting.
Cash in the Apple - honored as the Best Column Writing of 2006 by the National Newspaper Publishers Association. Columnist Cash Michaels was also honored by the NNPA for Best Feature Story Journalist of 2009, and was the recipient of the Raleigh-Apex NAACP’s President’s Award for Media Excellence in Sept. 2011.
Until next week, keep a smile on your face, GOD in your heart, and The Carolinian in your life. Bye, bye.

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